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Industry: Information Technology

Based on our ongoing strong relationship with Oracle, PeopleSoft customers come to us with requirements best solved by flexible, packaged software rather than custom code.

Drawing from our deep PeopleSoft roots, we engineer lightweight yet powerful software solutions that deliver real benefits in the areas of Mobile, Security and Version Control/Application Change Management.

We listen to our customers.

In fact, we built most of our solutions based on requests and suggestions by our customers.

We built PeopleMobile® after hearing PeopleSoft customers tell us they wanted to give mobile capabilities to their constituents – employees, faculty, students – but couldn’t find a solution that supported customizations and didn’t require cumbersome web services.

Single Sign-on began as a blog post which morphed into our best selling product after one of our favorite CIO’s told us single sign-on was something that would be of huge value to PeopleSoft customers looking for additional security, IT help desk cost savings and audit compliance.

ERP Firewall was conceived as location-based security that gives PeopleSoft customers a totally secure platform from which to drive self-service transactions outside their firewalls.

Our mission is to help PeopleSoft customers derive maximum value from their PeopleSoft investment.

We look forward to serving you.